For all book reviews, I use the following rating scale:

1 – I suffered through this.  I really tried to like it, I did, but in the end I only dragged myself through to the last page because I have a compulsive need to finish every book I invest any time in.

2 – I didn’t find this book to be unbearably unpleasant and/or terribly written, but there were enough flaws that I’m seriously questioning the person who gave it the green light.

3 – This book was okay.  I didn’t necessarily look forward to reading it, but I didn’t dread opening it either.  I hung on for the ride, and the plot and/or writing had strengths even if there were some problem areas.

4 – I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.  The plot kept my interest throughout the entire work, and the writing was strong.  If my friends are looking for something good to read, there’s a pretty good chance I’m going to throw this title their way.

5 – I’m having trouble verbalizing how amazing this book is.  I mean, this is the art of storytelling at its finest.  I spent all day at work looking forward to going home and reading this book for hours at a time.  Now that I’m done I feel empty because I’m back in the real world and I don’t know when I’ll ever find a new book I love this much.  I will probably read it again at some point, perhaps multiple times.  If you’ve got criticisms, lay ’em on me, because I will defend this book to the proverbial death.


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  1. Look forward to getting all your recommendations – always need fresh inspiration for good reading!

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